Amantoli raw honey

Amantoli showcases the artisanal quality and practices the Mexican beekeepers have obtained and passed down through the generations, traditional practices that help combat the diminishing bee and flower populations and creates awareness to the value and importance bees have in nature.
Amantoli seeks to recognize each one of the actors that participate in the gestation of this liquid gold through creating awareness about the value and importance of fair and ethical trade models.
Each jar of Amantoli is destined to crystallize from its natural origin, offering something authentic to those who care about what they consume.

The identity seeks to communicate an organic brand that represents the fluidity that honey has and that in turn is perceived as a high quality brand. Through a series of illustrations we represent all those who participate in the process, the flowers, the bees and the hands of the producers who, with their ancestral knowledge, put the final touch for the production of honey. Together, these elements form a brand that perfectly encompasses a high-quality premium product with its artisanal origin and story.

Illustrations :Stéphanie Desjeunes

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