The word “Primo” comes from the Latin primus which means first and excellent. Tequila Primo 1861 is a tribute to Pedro Camarena, founder of the first tequila distillery in Arandas, Jalisco. His distillery was burned down during the Mexican Revolution and all that remains is the tahona stone that stands proudly nowadays.

The color palette reflects the natural tones of the blue agave from which this drink is obtained, the natural tones of the stone that processes it, and the texture of the burned wood that pays tribute to its history. This is combined with Premium details and golden hot stamping that reflects the excellence and search for perfection of this tequila and its process.

We developed a graphic proposal that conceptualizes the idea of conquering new horizons by planting a flag regardless of the difficulties to always be the first, despite the fire, time, and memory.

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