What is Right Side?
Right Side is a children's clothing brand that seeks to develop their independence through comfortable and easy-to-wear garments.

We found in Right Side the opportunity to create a fun and dynamic identity that would represent the brand's values; where the important thing is not how you wear the clothes, but that you wear them and feel good. A solid logo with a fun wink invites us to turn things upside down, and is captured on collateral pieces that show the flexibility of the brand. To give more amplitude to the identity we developed a series of characters that transform into others, depending on the point of view in which you see them, at the end of the day the important thing is not how you look, it's your essence.

Learning to dress themselves can be a difficult stage, but with a little help and comfortable and easy to put on clothes, they will discover their independence and feel good; boosting their emotional development and expanding their capabilities.

Free yourself from the difficulties, choose the right path and focus on what is most important, giving love and attention to your children.

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