El Ateo

Corporate identity project for a premium tequila brand. The concept of corporate identity evokes around the search for truth and knowledge, rather than the traditional concept of denying the existence of God. Atheism, in this way, is not the denial of God and his existence, but rather the critical thinking that leads us to experimentation and discovery, the denial of human dogmas and ironically, the discovery of the divine and of God himself, through the denial of the material, the visible, towards a beatiful non-material simplicity, (an idol), in this sense, as George Steiner said, the hebrews with their denial of the material, the dionysiam impulses, to the adoration of an inmaterial  and trascndental God, were the precursors of the destruction of the traditional religious systems by the pure form of Divinity.For the identity of the three bottles we are inspired by great thinkers of civilization: Tequila Plata (Aristotle), Tequila Añejo (Hegel) and Tequila Reposado (Freud).

Photography: Rodolfo Vallado
Graphic Design. Albino Studio /Monotypo Studio
Branding Identity: Albino Studio
Illustrations: Monotypo Studio

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