Geometry is balance
and balance is protection.

For Soteri Skin we created geometric shapes that form a pattern to emphasize the concept of balance and protection as well as an unique semi serif typography with delicate features.

At Soteri we are convinced that beauty is balance, especially when it comes to skin. Inspired by Soteria the goddess, we have used our scientific knowledge to develop a product that protects you and goes at your pace.

We know that a healthy skin not only looks good, it is also reflected in the security and confidence with which we face the challenges of a fast-paced and stress-filled world.

We are committed to achieve that balance in your skin so that it remains naturally protected and naturally radiant at all times. We want you to feel empowered after finding in Soteri the healing and safe place you have been looking for and needed for a long time.

Product photo: ESTUDIO ALBINO
Model photo: Jesús Villanueva Varela

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