Dorean is a restaurant located in the city of Tijuana, Baja California; which is inspired by the Persian culture. Dorean is a journey through the beauty of time; a space to savor the past and the present.

DOREAN's identity is exuberant and forceful, full of elements that give it a vibrant and unique personality.
The logo is imposing with a bold style, however, it maintains some features that make it delicate. A series of illustrations inspired by Persian culture were developed to give breadth to the brand, so that they could be applied to the different pieces of the restaurant. Also, a contrasting and bold color palette was selected to generate a sense of visual richness.
As part of the creative concept, a series of phrases were developed to accompany each of the pieces.

I have traveled through times collecting instants and sensations; taking inspiration from them to build something unique. My long path has brought me here with stories worth sharing; preparing your moment to taste a sensory experience where every detail carries a clue of its origin, every meal is a chronicle and every cocktail is a distillate of essences from places that can be savored.
A journey through time and senses; a place to appreciate the past and the present.

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