AUSTERIA is a barwine located in Sidney, Ohio that seeks to become the place where you can go to learn about the local wine culture through unique experiences. The identity of AUSTERIA takes as its inspiration the artistic current of ART-DECO to transport us to a time where sophistication was a way of life. Under this premise, a series of distinctive textures and iconography of the brand were developed, combined with a green color palette and finishes in copper and gold tones to accentuate the richness of the era. AUSTERIA, more than a place, is a state of mind where you can reconnect with yourself enjoying the things you like and forgetting about the mundane. Auteria wants to take you on a journey where each experience is memorable, lifts your spirit and sharpens your senses, an exciting story that is told in sips and from the palates of our diners. 
AUSTERIA a state of mind.

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